Frequently Asked Questions

What rules do I need to follow?

Our rules are pretty simple.

We reserve the right to take any corrective action we deem necessary manage this service.

Furthermore, content with the following characteristics must *not* be uploaded:

  • Pornographic in nature
  • Harassing, abusive or offensive
  • Infringes upon copyrights not held by the uploader
  • Illegal or violates any laws
  • Forged or impersonating others
  • Linked to spam of any sort

How do I send my PDF file from my iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad?

We love our Apple phones and pads, and now you can send PDF files from them too!

The easiest way to get your PDF files to us is to install the universal Acrobat Reader app. It's available in the AppStore for free.

iPhone or iPod Acrobat Reader Launch Screenshot   iPhone or iPod Acrobat Reader Viewing Screenshot

Once installed, you can request most other applications to direct your PDF to "open in" Acrobat Reader. From there it's a snap to mail it to, or you can even fill (supported) forms, add signatures, or even annotate pages before sending.

What to know more? Click here:

Acrobat Reader Getting Started

How do I create PDF files?

Creating PDF files is EASY. If you're using a Mac just follow these instructions:

Save a document as a PDF file

On a PC it's not much harder, just grab the free, and open source, PDFCreator from:

After installation (this may be a bit picky, but although PDFCreator is awesome software, we generally prefer to opt out of the installation of the PDFCreator Toolbar -- we're minimalists at heart), you will have a NEW PDF printer installed.

Just "print" your PDF file to the new printer and you will get a PDF version of your PDF file.

Why PDF files?

Photos and page links are great, but sometimes we have documents and papers that are just easier to provide in a paginated format. That way your audience can see your work laid out exactly the way you want it.

Things like magazines, books, research papers, lovely menus, official letters. It's just better when it stays in its orginal format.

You might also just have no time to convert your work into a web friendly format. We help you post what you have, and that saves you time and grief.

Are my PDF files safe/private?

If your plan is to share your PDF file on a social network this question is a little moot.

How much do you charge?

We are FREE for the forseeable future. If the cost of carrying storage in the long term becomes a burden, we *might* request our users to support us by paying, let's say, a dollar per file per year. We would be keen to hear any feedback you might have on this topic so please do send us your views if you have them.

How much can I send?

The current maximum is a single 20MB file per e-mail.

How can I find PDF files on the Internet?

This is a neat Google trick. Go to the search page ( and type something like this into the search field:

My Favourite Subject filetype:pdf

Google will do all the hard work of narrowing in on content you can download to your favorite reader, or send along for sharing on -- just don't forget not to take what's not rightfully yours without permission.